Sat. Dec 5th, 2020

I just saw a meme that had two professors reacting to the death of a student's mother and the student requested a 24-hour extension. The first professor gave her a 12-hour extension and the other gave her a very generous amount of time to finish the assignments.I also had a teacher which part of their grade was based on outside school activities. My grandma had a week to live and that week was the last Christmas she was going to be able to have with us. The weekend of this outside event was the first weekend of the month and that's when we had to move the party to compensate for the lack of time. I requested that if I could still bring in food and donated to the party if I could still get credit due to the situation and my good track record in the class. The teacher told me that, "well it's all about priorities" and refused to answer my question. I had to speak with the dean to get the situation figured out.However, that makes me question why teachers become so totalitarian when it comes to compensating students. I work in Human Resources so that's all I do day to day to accommodating employees, processing FMLA, bereavement, excusing days off, STD, accommodations for disabilities. I know that not all teachers act this way but is there a reason that teachers get on a power high and absolutely refuse to have any flexibility in the classroom?