Sun. Nov 29th, 2020

Numbers on IO are dwindling and slowly going down, with very few new faces in experienced lobbies, whenever IO is talked about on reddit, new player experiences seem to be consistently faced with extreme toxicity within their first few games, with some people being followed by salty players harassed from game to game.This kind of attitude towards new players is really scummy, blaming new players for not knowing something they're not to blame for with such an extreme attitude is really detrimental to the sites health in the long-term, remember in grey games if you are an experienced player you are going to be the face of IO and the basis of what new players build their perception around the sites culture.I 100% believe that the opinions stated on reddit here are not in the minority and that a large majority of potential new players to the site are completely turned off by the attitude they're presented with in grey games.The official rules of that IO is that meta is not enforced by the moderator teams and is not required to play on the site, it is a construct of many experienced players agreeing to play a certain way and should NOT be the expectation of every single game.We need to work better as a community in order to make new players feel welcome and increase inclusivity and tell players who have this toxic attitude in grey games that their attitude is unacceptable and not welcome by the majority of the IO player base.