Mon. Nov 30th, 2020

I have trouble finding a balance with my dog, where I am able to exercise/train him after coming home but also have him settled down before he goes into the crate to sleep at night. If i skip the exercise and he did not get it before hand, he is too anxious to settle and will whine for about 1 hour, sometimes up to 3 hours in his crate f it was a really hard day to get his mental stim/exercise in. This creates a lot of tension for my partner, and me who already suffers with insomnia. On the nights he isnt sufficiently ridden of anxiety, he will not sleep through his potty urges, and often wakes me up 1- 2 times in the night for pottys. This is rarer and happens only maybe once a week or every other week.Currently I work a very irregular work schedule, but its the same every week and very low hours due to corona. 7am-12 once a week, 2-9pm 2 days a week. Typically we have a morning walk, or training and sometimes both. This is around 10am. He has rest/freetime from about 10-4, and then at 4 we do balance conditioning and sometimes trick training. He then rests from about 5-7 and at 7 we do some brain games and he rests again. 2-3 days a week, he spends about 5-8 hours hiking off leash with us (on our own private property, there should never be other dogs or people present). I like to have him in bed by 9:30-10:30pm.Many nights this works well.. other nights, he seems to get a burst of energy at about 9pm, more than he had all day. If we didnt do our evening games, this burst is inevitable. I have given in and reinforced this by giving him play time, or stimulation in desperate hopes i get to sleep that night. As I said, his anxiety damn near keeps him up all night long whining when he isnt proper tired out, in turn resulting in me and my partner literally not getting any real sleep that night. I have recently replaced my habit of giving in and playing, with practicing relaxation protocol by Karen Overall. I feel this is still stimulating him due to his high food drive, though it is much easier on me to have a relaxed dog before bed than a hyper demon, and i think it is far more beneficial! It just isnt seeming to be any kind of solution to the before-bed energy.I would love to hear some thoughts on the late night energy burst, and maybe your night time schedules too!