Sun. Dec 6th, 2020

What would you do if you knew the exact circumstances of your death? I’m talking about time, place, method, context. Everything. Usually, when I ask that question, I get one of two answers, avoid it by any means necessary, or the very simple and blunt, kill yourself. But you see, I’m doing neither of those things, I’ve figured out why I see what I see, regarding my own demise. I’m rushing forward with both arms open to my death, and no fear in my heart. Because, if I don’t, the alternative will be much, much worse.Let me explain. I am going to die on March 21st, 10:53 a.m., 2023. I am going to get hit by a large pickup truck on my way to work crossing the street. The driver will be drunk and speeding, and I will pass away instantly, with minimal pain. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to die, but I honestly have no choice. If anything, it’s a blessing, because I’ve had years to get my things in order, and I didn’t maarry or have children, so a family will be spared the pain of losing a husband and father. I’ve saved a large amount of money, well over $500,000, to be given to my parents and siblings on the date of my death, as well as life insurance to be paid out to them as well. I don’t want to leave anything to chance when I die, so I’m not. I've lived a decent life, even if it’s to be cut at 28, so I can’t complain.Maybe I should explain why I’m not trying to avoid my death. If I don’t, then some calamity will kill millions on planet Earth, and no one can stop it. I wish I could give you more details, but I don’t know any more details. Hell, the only reason I know this much is my research. You see, I’ve known the circumstances of my death since I was 12. It started as a recurring nightmare, happening every night since my birthday, and has persisted since. At first, my parents dismissed it, but after 6 months of the same dream every night, they finally took me to a psychiatrist. The problem was, they didn’t know either, and no therapist, doctor, or any other medical professional I’ve seen know either. At 14, I finally gave up, and started researching on my own. And what I found was terrifying. All throughout history, others all over the world have had similar situations, and one of two things happen each and every time. Either they embrace it, and die, and nothing else comes of it. Or, they run, or in some other way avoid the death foretold, and the world invariably suffers some form of debilitating calamity very soon after. One example is Franz Ferdinand. You know, the guy who’s assassination started World War I? His dream had him dying two weeks before his assassination, in a coup set by his own guards. However, he secretly and silently disposed of the conspirators. The dreams stopped, and he finally rested easily. Two weeks later, he was shot in a side street by a Serbian and the world was plunged into war. An example of the inverse is Abraham Lincoln. His private journal (which I paid an inordinate amount of money to buy, by the way) details his dreams of his murder in the ford theater for decades. Seems our dreams all start at the same time. However, he embraced his fate, and the Civil War ended when it did.Those are just some famous examples of these occurrences, but there are no requirements. I personally gathered a database of 287 of these stories, 78 of those ran away, and 78 disasters happened very soon after they were supposed to die, and there are no favorites of preference for walks of life. Again, I have no necessary desire for death. However, I have no choice. For the sake of the world, and the people living on it, I cannot avoid my death in any way. I’ve written this for one reason. If someone decides to go through my things, be it family or otherwise, will know that I knew about my death, even before I saw the truck barreling towards me. Know what I did, and why I did it,and that I truly had no choice otherwise. Know I did this for you, whoever you are, and that I have no regrets. All my debts are paid, my successor at work trained to be at least as good as me, and my family will be as well taken care of as I possibly can secure. My death is coming, and I shall not flinch in the face of it. My sleep is finally restful, for the first time in ten years, and the dream has granted me solace. These are final words, that matter at least. Good luck, and godspeed. Hopefully, I’m right, and the crisis is averted by my sacrifice.