Fri. Oct 30th, 2020

So I’m getting ready to lay it down and figured I would watch some IEM CSGO as I go to sleep. I click on the stream (on Xbox) and am greeted with 7 ads before I can even start watching. 6 of them were 30 seconds long and one was 15. On top of this bullshit the 30 second ads were the fucking same. I had two of the acer predator ads and two of the AT&T ads. Literally the same ads! Just running back to back! Tf!? Something needs to be done about this. I understand they need to get their money but holy shit, give it a rest. No matter how many times I see a laptop ad, I’m not going to buy. If anything, it actually makes me NOT want to buy it.On PC I could just run an adblocker and it’s mostly fine except when the stream runs an in-stream ad. Cant get around that. I don’t mind seeing one or two every now and then either but this is getting out of control.