Sun. Nov 29th, 2020

Hi there, I’m looking for some advice please.I have a neighbour who has a garden which meets mine on the right hand side. This is separated by an 8 – 10ft hedge but there are holes in the hedge at the bottom and at mid way through some parts so they can see into my garden.At the beginning of lockdown I did some renovations in the house and stripped back some of the overgrown garden. I had this piled up in the rear corner of my garden because I couldn’t arrange an uplift as all dumps were shut. They have recently opened up again but do to it being sat there a while the area has overgrown. Not enough to stop me moving it but it means I’ll now need to move all of this stuff and clear the overgrown bit as well as arrange a special uplift on my own. So to get to my point.For the past 6 or so months my neighbour has been illegally entering my garden and stealing things like the wood mentioned above from old fences, skirting boards etc. We didn’t want these things and they were packaged up ready to go to the tip. But we didn’t appreciate coming out to things missing in our garden and our neighbour helping himself.Tonight we caught him in the act and called the police, they didn’t seem overly interested in coming right away but they have booked in to come at an arranged date to chat about it.Will nothing happen? Am I in the wrong? What should I expect? I am recently a new father too of a 6 week old baby so I haven’t had a ton of time to myself for the past month or so and I really don’t need this danger around my newborn.Any and all help is greatly appreciated thanks in advance!