Mon. Nov 30th, 2020

Nasty neighbours

Oct 18, 2020

Just for reference, I am 16M, autistic, and live in the UK.So I live next door to some nasty problematic neighbours who we have had problems with for about a year and a half now.It all started when the dad, who is essentially a cowboy builder, started destroying his side of our shared outhouse to make room for his extension. We didn't like this and it turns out this went against the planning permission. We then reported this but he didn't listen and is still working on the extension. He has violated this permission many times and has been told to stop but still isnt stopping. The thing that is making it worse is that the extension is extremely unstable as the supports are made of pallets rather than proper timber. He also allows his kids (13 and 15) to use things like chainsaws, diggers and other dangerous tools with no health and safety protection. They just play around with them like it is normal. He has then also destroyed parts of our backyard and has insisted he will destroy more as he needs to make room for his extension and that he doesnt care what we say our what the government say.Secondly, his kids shot my dog with a bb gun. We know this because she went into the garden and we hear them say shoot it shoot it, and then she comes running in after we hear a pop, completely terrified and shaking and then refusing to go into the garden again. The police, like another incident written below, did nothing and have not arrested or even made any charges against them.Thirdly, he has now made threats to attack me and my mother and then also rape her and then has actually hit me for no reason. He then sends his kid down the road to beat the crap out of me whilst walking to my girlfriends house (this was 2 days ago) and then comes down and makes even more threats and grabs me by my shirt. He then threatens again that he was gonna rape my mother and that his son was gonna do it as well. We then called the police who did nothing and discarded it.Is there anything I can do as I am so scared to leave my own home or even go into my backyard without the fear that something will be thrown at me or I may be attacked. My family is also at great risk as some of my siblings have special needs and I have a 4 month old sister who is an easy target.