Sun. Dec 6th, 2020

Not just as a symptom of depression or anxiety. Not something that everyone goes through at some point. As its own actual issue that can really damage people. It’s almost like a mindset in some cases that I know many people including my self struggle to overcome. Imo it’s like a kind of depression that only applies to social situations. But it’s not social anxiety because it’s not as panicked and restrictive as that (i have the condition so I should know).Nobody really ever takes loneliness seriously. They say you should “try harder to make friends” or that “so many people love you” or that “one day you’ll meet someone perfect for you”. Or they say “it happens to everybody and it will pass”. But it literally kind of warps your view of the truth and makes you feel a certain way that is really hard to get over. Sometimes it makes you believe things that may not be true. Sometimes it makes you feel extremely gloomy. Sometimes it feels like your longing for human interaction is absolutely killing you. And we are told this is a normal part of life and that it won’t leave any lasting trauma on a person…..Here are some problems that come with loneliness.feeling like you have no real friends (even if you do actually technically have friends)doubting that other people actually like you or consider you a friendhaving a hard time becoming closer to people or calling them friendsfeeling left out and like an outsider somewhat all the time, even if you are included in group activitiesfeeling like nobody will ever love you or that you won’t ever find someone who really understands yousensitivity to rejection in social situationsfeeling inferior to other people.problems with finding a romantic partnerfeeling like an outsider to your own family, that they don’t really love you or only spend time with you out of courtesyfeeling like you have no family or not actually having familydeep longing for meaningful human interaction and connectionI struggle with the majority of these problems, and yes sometimes I can link them to having depression or anxiety but usually I just feel like they’re a separate problem from those and I can’t really categorise it. I’m interested to know what you guys think, or if you have any shared experiences.