Sun. Nov 29th, 2020

Just a poem

Sep 20, 2020

I got in a fight with my mother, left the house, and ended up creating this poem to express my feelings. Enjoy, or keep on scrolling, in the end I’m just a guy telling you what it’s like.Take this moment, Take this breath. And pray to God I don’t meet death. I sit here in silence, pondering life. pondering answers.Answers to anythingAnswers to everythingNo one knows the answers life brings, But some can predict what tells of them. I need this time, To create a rhyme, So I can feel something relevant.My mother doesn’t care for me, She simply forgets what I need be. Although I know she has other cares, Why does it seem that I don’t apply? I never once asked for help with homework, To pass the ball, To give me an answer. And strangely enough, The few talks we’ve had in depth, Somehow don’t involve meMy emotions can attest.I once felt lonely, The pain of singularity. The bearing on your back, Of no one to bear it with. I then felt trust, And a sense of worth. Conscious thoughts of knowing why you’re on Earth.I often miss the feeling as a child, When your mother claps and tells you you’re wild. I miss sunny days, With carefree activities. And I miss the old me, The me that people cared for. I can state my case that I’m no villain, But no one can acclaim that it’s false or has been proven. Now I’m no prophet, but let it be known: There’s a reason now, my emotions aren’t shown.Nathaniel Stephens 9-19-20