Sun. Nov 29th, 2020

I’m An Idiot

Sep 20, 2020

Basically I'm dating a girl and honestly I love her, truly. But she always does this dumb shit and never listens to me. I always tell her don't do that and explain why she should but she never fucking listens to anything I say. Even if I'm just trying to vent to her she never listens to what I'm saying and I'm honestly just burnt out. I just wish she would actually listen to any logic whatsoever but everything I say is just in one ear and out the other. It just gets so fucking frustrating sometimes.Also everytime we're having an argument over something stupid and trivial and I just say something along the lines of "Ok fine you win" she starts apologizing. I don't understand, you won the argument why are you apologizing for either making a better argument or just lasting longer than I have the mental energy to.Anyway sorry for wasting y'alls time with my stupid little rant.