Sun. Dec 6th, 2020

Ok , my salary is 6900 AED. Need stay near silicon oasis. Work in a sales job that requires me to travel approx 420 kms per week (~1600kms ) I have a car for now. But will need to buy one in the future.Goals: Save enough money ( my approximatio 20k ~25k AED to travel and relocate to other countries like US, Australia or Canada.Here is plan so far :Stay in a furnished accommodation in either international city 2 or warsan(1750 AED) or share a fully furnished accommodation in silicon oasis.Once I have some cash in hand : Rent a studio in dubailand , warsan, liwan point , jmpz or international city.-1500aed(shud I consider Sharjah?) Dewa-200 Wifi-300 Fuel ,parking , maintenance-700 AED Gym- 150 Groceries-1000 Smoking -100 Random shit-200 Going out with the one or two friends- 200 Total so far:4350AED Car:700? Might end up saving 3000 AEDWhat do you guys think?