Sat. Dec 5th, 2020

New buyer will get one book Free with your first order.Audiobook < 5 books = $1.75 per book | 5+ books = $1.50 per book |Ebook < 5 books = $1.25 per book | 5+ books = $1per book |I have been hoarding books for a wile and have a LARGE library of audiobooks & ebooks in my home server im here to share my audiobooks & Ebooks collection with you.All Books are best avelable quality, manually checked before being sent. If you have any problems with them, I will replace them or you will have your money back you!FAQHow does this process work?eBook are epub/pdf/mobi/azw3 and Audiobooks are m4b/m4a/mp3 files sent to you via download link or email in 30min or less when I am online.How do I Read Or Listen to these files?You can use any of your favorite Reader or apps like IBooks, Kindle, Nook, Moonreader for ebook and Mp3 player or Audiobook Reader for Audiobook. VLC (pc, phone), BookPlayer (iOS) or Smart Audiobook Player (Android) this are the application i personally use.How to OrderJust send me a Message with titles that's you wants and whether you want them in audiobook or eBook. I will check if I have them, if I do, I will upload and send Download link as soon as i confirm the payment.