Fri. Oct 30th, 2020

I know there is this stand for High Fidelity or Lossless Audio compression, but for that purpose, there are codecs out there like FLAC.If we stay in the realm of minidisc, what is your own experience hearing music in both playback modes?I have done some listening tests, although no double-blind study. There seems to be a slight degradation between SP and LP2, but for day to day listening, I didn't find LP2 to be bad. I have not spend tenth of thousands of dollars on audio equipment, but my living room speakers are quite decent.Using normal Stereo recording, I personally think it's wicked cool that 80min can fit on a minidisc. Doubling that to 160min in LP2-mode is unbelievable. Yes, I am aware that nowadays 256GB and more do fit on a simple microSD-Card. This is modern technology, but I could never see myself saying: "Look at my music collection these microSD-Cards! For the tracklisting, you have to grab your phone and be online and scan the QR code…"LP4 on the other hand is noticeable worse. Music on this compression isn't fun in my opinion. But I could see myself storing Podcasts or other low bandwidth content in LP4 format.I am aware that it is almost impossible to fully revive a dead technology, but I wish minidisc and its ecosystem had a future in the open-source community. As far as I know, Sony dropped production and support so why not open the specifications to the general public and let people use it for their purposes.One of my ideas is to gut just the drive of a deck and make a 3.5" or 5.25" bracket to fit it in a normal PC case while using Sata to connect it to the PC. I know that there is no driver that would make this work, but that's just the last piece of the puzzle since I am a software dev and would sink my teeth into writing such a driver. How cool would that be…? Just pop an MD in your PC and you're good to go.Haha, someone can dream, right?