Fri. Oct 30th, 2020

Yes you’re going to need to pick up 100+ extra hobbies, a 5 day gym routine, dress stylishly and have a 6+ figure income and above average status in your field to even get a chance with that woman. What do you expect!? You’re ugly. Would you date an ugly woman with a shitty personality over an attractive one who treats you well? Of course not. The ugly person better come with all they’ve got. Get over it. That’s life. Even if you want what you think is your looksmatch you still have to compete. If you don’t then go for your ACTUAL looksmatch. Not the person you think is your looksmatch. If you’re below 5ft7 that means trying to date (I saying ‘trying’ because she might just have better options) someone a bit more on the right side of the obese spectrum for example. You have to compete. Quit whining and get to work or shut up and stay in your corner.